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Red Hair with Copper Ombre Formula Wella Color Touch

I love the hair ombre. But many hairdressers this practice fails. Very good hairdresser can create beautiful hair. The color transition is very important. It should also look good after washing your hair. (Hair...

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Dying brown hair blonde(Ombre)

I think it’s a nice color. Ombre hair and brown caramel.  color: wella koleston perfect, roots: 5/1 3%, mid part 7/1+7/0 6% + lightener with 9% + olaplex, at the end I used 10/36+...

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Brown and Peach Ombre Hair

Here are some great ombre hair color. You can get a very beautiful ombre color using brown and peach color on your hair. For you, I chose different ombre are made in this way.

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Peach Ombre Hair

Peach hair color is very nice. It suits especially for young girls. Not too different color. So you can easily go to a business meeting with this hair color. I chose the colors that...

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Blonde and Peach Ombre Hair

Yellow and peach. Have you tried this two color your hair? I think it looks very nice. Peach color is very popular in recent years. Suitable for all skin colors. I love and I...

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Pink and Peach Ombre Hair

Two colors pink and peach colors are very compatible. You can use these two colors If you want to make your hair ombre. I chose the most beautiful ombre hair.

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2015 Ombre Hair

Very nice to use a combination of different hair colors. I love the harmonious colors of ombre hair color. For example: Pink and peach, pink and yellow, yellow and brown. I choose ombre hair...

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Mermaid Ombre Hair

Mermaid Ombre many different hair color. Quite unusual and striking colors. If you want your hair, you can use this hair color differences. I suggest you go to the hairdresser to make this hair color....

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Blonde Bob Ombre

Men say they are more attractive blonde women. Ashy blond hair, blonde hair ombre always attracts attention. If your face does not look pale blonde might be nice.  I chose a different blonde hair bob...

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Blonde Ombre

One of the most favored lady blonde ombre hair color. Have your own hair color is dark? This is easier to do your hair color. The ends of your hair caramel color, you can paint...