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Amazing Red Hair Styles DIY

Master: Olga Rodionova Model: Ekaterina Andreeva photo: CONSTANTINE Golomazov Original Color: 77/44 – by length (color washed away) 7/0 – regrown Basal Zone Using dye Koleston Perfect by Wella Professionals Mix Koleston Perfect 77/44...

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Long Hair Styles for christmas party 2016

Party hairstyles for long hair. I hope for all people of good passes in 2016. World peace and development. Hungry people in the world will not. Evil disappears. You can change your hair color...

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Christmas Party Hairstyles 2016

I choose different hair styles. Long hair, short and medium. Different hair colors and ombre. There are also hair highlights.It Ends 2015. You want to look more beautiful and attractive different in 2016? Different...

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Bob Style Haircut Wella DIY

Successful hair designers of Russia. Hair design is very nice and has been different. I liked the hair color. You can achieve this by using a hair dye. Hair color is great. Formula:  Koleston Perfect...

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Punk Hair For Men

Punk hair styles for men. All very unusual. There are different hair colors. For example, pink, blue, yellow, red. Each hair salon hair can not do this. I chose the nice ones for you.

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Wedding Hair Style

Hairstyles for brides is very important. I chose different hair styles for you. For all brides. Your wedding hair should be very nice. Hair bun, hair braid, messy and wavy hair, flower hairpins, bridal...

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Curly Hairstyles

I love curly hair. Your hair is smooth? It’s too easy to make hair curly. I have chosen for you curly hair styles. These women look beautiful.

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Punk Hair For Women

Unusual even chose 🙂 crazy hair styles hair using .This usually those who love the punk style. Different colors are used a lot, especially pink. Left and right are often very short hair.

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Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding dress is very important for a woman. The bride’s hair to be very nice. You can choose different hair styles. I think braided hair styles are much more beautiful and elegant.

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Bridal Hair 2015

2015 bridal hair models. I chose the most popular hair design made in different hair salon. Braided hair and hair bun are very used.