Category: Directions

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Directions Apple Green

Directions hair dye hair color of apple green. This hair color is bright and phosphorus. You can use both the ombre hair color as well as a single. Green, pink and blond hair color...

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Directions Midnight Blue

Directions hair dye brand of “Midnight Blue” hair color. Usually this hair dye is mixed with different hair colors. You can get different colors of blue.

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Directions Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful hair color. Especially often it used in ombre hair. In fact light purple and pink mix. Directions hair dye can occur with beautiful colors.

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Directions Violet

Do you love the color purple? Directions a different hair color of the hair dye. This hair color, you can mix with different hair colors. I chose a few different ombre hair. Especially with...

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Directions White Toner

Very nice color. This hair dye is able to achieve light colors. You can mix with different hair color. Your hair is dark? To be effective, you must use oxidative hair dye. Permanent hair...