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Flamingo_Pink-1 0

Directions Flamingo Pink

This has two different hair color pink. I really like this color. Bright, distinctive, dazzling. There are too many women who use this hair dye. I chose a different photos. [xt_go_advt_1]

Rose_Red-1 0

Directions Rose Red

Directions Rose Red: A blend of red and pink color. Such as rose. A lot of women who use this hair color. However, I do not like very much.

Apricot_2 0

Directions Apricot

Apricot Directions: If you choose this edebilirsiniz.ben very different hair by hair dye color you want to use a very nice color. Especially if you do ombre looks very nice.

Bright_Daffodil-1 0

Directions Bright Daffodil

Directions Bright Daffodil: The bright yellow hair color. Like lemon yellow.You can mix with different hair colors, hair dyes. Showing a pale color in your face. [xt_go_advt_1]

Flame_1 0

Directions Flame

Directions Flame: a mix of red and orange colors. I think it’s a nice color. You can get different colors mixed orange and red. I love boyadım.farkl hair color this hair color my hair...

Alpine-3 0

Directions Alpine

In fact, “Alpine” with hair dye color in the photo does not look like much. I know :). but that their users tagged hair color. Hair color of hair dyes can be mixed different...

Mandarin_1 0

Directions Mandarin

Mandarin pale orange color. It looks like the color of tangerine peel. You can ombre hair with different colors. Or you can mix with different hair dyes. I love this color. I used this hair...

Atlantic_Blue-2 0

Directions Atlantic Blue

There are many different hair color blue. I select different photo using the hair dye. You can mix with different hair color. You can use the Ombre. Blue hair color is not an easy color....

Lagoon_Blue-1 0

Directions Lagoon Blue

Most preferably from Lagoon Blue Directions hair color. a bright blue color. Especially young girls, using much of the hair color. You can mix with different hair color. Mermaid used to obtain hair color.