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Directions Hair Dye Chart

 ‘Directions’ is the coat of hair dye brand. Especially if you prefer to use extraordinary hair colors, I would recommend the hair size of this brand. Hair color is long lasting.After you wash your...

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Directions Dark Tulip

Directions Dark Tulip: Tulip hair a slightly darker color of paint. Purple and red-brown mixture.Dark red or purple colors are used with. This hair dye ombre le done very nice. I would recommend. Dark...

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Directions Rubine

Rubina Directions: brown, purple and red mix. I do not like a lot of purple. But there are many women who love this hair color. [xt_go_advt_1]

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Directions Tulip

Tulip Directions: purple and red hair color mixture.It looks like pink. Different bright and a sparkling hair color.

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Directions Vermillion

Directions Vermillion: I think I saw the most beautiful red color. Brown, a mixture of red and orange colors. You can try this hair dye absolutely wonderful !! [xt_go_advt_1]

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Directions Fire

Directions Fire: The intensity of this color orange. Red and orange mixture. I think it’s a nice color. You should try it.

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Directions Pillarbox Red

“Pillarbox Red” my favorite red hair color. This hair dye orange, red and brown. A little dark blond. Bright, sparkling, very nice red hair dye. [xt_go_advt_1]

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Directions Poppy Red

Directions Red Poppy: a mix of red and orange colors. Red more intense. Especially if you mix with orange dye you can achieve more beautiful colors.

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Directions Carnation Pink

Directions Carnation Pink: a beautiful pink hair color. Light pastel pink. There are too many women who prefer this hair color. The most important feature of directions to be vegan. (Not doing tests in...

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Directions Cerise

Cerise Directions: This hair dye mixture of purple and pink. You can use these two color lovers. You can mix this hair dye with red or pink.