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Ash Blonde Hair Color 2015

Ashy blond hair of the most commonly used hair color. The women are usually dark bottom color. This hair color most women prefer 30-45 years old. I do not recommend their use in women...

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Platinum Ash Blonde Hair Color

Very nice color. There are so many women who prefer this hair dye. However, this hair dye, it can show the elderly. Is your skin color? This hair dye shows a pale face. But...

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2015 Brown Blonde Ombre

One of the most widely used ombre color: the brown and blonde. In 2015, I chose the most preferred hair salon hair color. Generally, medium blond number 7, 8 numbers are used in light...

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2015 Brown Hair Color

Do ordinary brown hair color for you? In fact, most women’s natural hair color is brown. Are you tired of using the same hair color for many years? You can use different hair color...

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Gray hair colors

Gray hair colors popular in 2015. Gray hair color too shared in instagram account. You need to get your hair color from gray to 7 shade with your hair color 4. So much hair dye brand of hair...

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Orange Hair Color

Orange hair color is very beautiful color. However, hair care is difficult. Hair dye flows. Orange hair dye you will need to paint at regular intervals. I chose orange hair a different color.

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Mermaid Hair

Mermaid mystical woman.  The unusual hair color. Mint green hair color is used. In addition, light purple, turquoise, pink Ombree are in. Long curly hair can also complete this hairstyle.

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Brown Maroon Hair Color

And maroon brown hair color are very compatible. Especially bright bold colors show your face. This hair color, change is one of the most difficult colors. Easy hair dye does not flow easily. White-skinned...

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Light purple hair color

Light purple hair color too much is not preferable. Unusual hair color for me. More white-skinned suits for women. Her face shows lighter. Your eyes look bigger. Painting as hard as red. Too much...