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Intense Ash Blonde Hair Color

Are you a white skin? This hair color can show you a little pale. Makeup as you need to use brighter colors. I think it looks very nice Intense ash blonde hair color both...

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Manic Panic Green Envy

Green hair color is very unusual. Do not use too much. Using a little difficult. I chose a few pictures for you. [xt_go_advt_1]

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Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde hair color is preferred. Because the natural color and easy to use. You can use it as highlights. Or you can mix with different hair dyes. 8.1- 9.1- 11.1 10.1- can use...

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Brown Caramel Ombre Hair

I really like the brown-caramel hair color. The color is not dark and it looks as natural. This hair color is formed by gold and brown hair dyes. I chose made in different colors...

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Caramel Copper Hair Color

You can mix the caramel and copper hair dyes. Or dyes are also sold in these colors. I love this hair color. Compatible with all skin colors. Bright and glowing hair color. I chose...

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Caramel Curly Hair

Caramel color is especially good on very curly hair dark-skinned women. Caramel shimmering color. You can end your hair ombre. I think I chose different photos look very nice.

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Apricot Hair Color

Orange, yellow and peach color, hair color mixture. I love this hair color. In recent years a very popular hair color. Directions Manic Panic hair color can achieve this with Hair dyes.

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Cinnamon Copper hair color

Cinnamon Copper preferred not a hair color. But I love that hair color. In particular, the white-skinned women go very well. Also very suitable for women aged 40-60 years. I chose a few photos...

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Emerald Green Hair

Emerald Green’s particularly manic panic hair color and hair color directions. If you prefer you can try this color green hair color. The only downside is difficult to maintain.

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Eggplant Purple Hair Color

Eggplant purple hair color is a great color. I chose different photos for you. You can get with this hair color hair dyes. In particular, see the manic panic hair dye and Directions.