Black Bob Haircut Style DIY

Master: Nick Rish Model: STEPHANIE Photo: Dmitry Ivanov, Max GARBUZOV

Stage 1 staining:
take dye wella color touch 2/0 add oxidizing emulsion wella color touch 1,9%, according to the proportions of the mix

First apply the dye to the roots as well as the hair model were previously painted. After 10 minutes, and then apply in length, held for another 10 minutes.

bb-h-0001 bb-h-0002

Then wash off and go to step styling. Since the hair length is ideal to create an image, cutting will be minimal.



Step 2 haircut and styling:
In the process of laying and cutting hair will be using the product:
-For Moisturizing Hydro Milk 2.1 Wella SP
-For Packing: Nail Finishing Spray Ultra Strong Wella High Hair.


Apply on hair Hydro Milk 2.1 Wella SP and otsushivaim them, giving the desired shape.

bb-h-0005 bb-h-0006 jlkj

for the final styling using:
Nail Finishing Spray Ultra Strong Wella High Hair.

bb-h-0007 bb-h-0008

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