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Directions Poppy Red

Directions Red Poppy: a mix of red and orange colors. Red more intense. Especially if you mix with orange dye you can achieve more beautiful colors.

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Manic Panic Red Passion

Manic Panic: Red Passion   Red and pink mix. Pink color more intense. I think it’s a nice color. Ombre hair to blue, yellow, purple, green, peach mixed with colors.

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5.3 Natulique Light Golden Brown

5.3 Natulique Light Golden Brown Natural hair color is medium brown. When we add light golden blonde more visible in the sun. Natulique Hair Dyeing Natulique Hair Dye Contents

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Kate Micucci Hair Color

Kate Micucci looks very natural. Always and short brown hair. I think it’s wonderful. Age of the smaller shows, but she loves.

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Carmen Electra Hair Color

Carmen Electra, born in 1972. She is currently 44 years old but still very nice. Her natural hair color is light brown, blue-eyed and white-skinned. She usually prefers to be blonde. Use very ashy...

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Manic Panic Rock ‘n’ Roll Red

A beautiful red hair dye. The style of the 1970s. Retro style lovers can try. Bright and intense red. However, difficult to use. You can mix with different hair color. The purple color be used.

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Directions Carnation Pink

Directions Carnation Pink: a beautiful pink hair color. Light pastel pink. There are too many women who prefer this hair color. The most important feature of directions to be vegan. (Not doing tests in...

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Candace Cameron Bure Hair Color

Candace Cameron was born in 1976. Candace Cameron’s natural hair color is light brown. I found her youth photo. Blue eyes and white skin. She usually prefers to be blonde. Caramel and using the...

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Carrie-Anne Moss Hair Color

Carrie-Anne Moss’s natural hair color is brown, blue-eyed and white-skinned. She always likes to use natural hair color. Dark, dark brown.

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Cate Blanchett Hair Color

Cate Blanchett was born in 1969. Her natural hair color is blond, blue eyes and white skin on. She’s a noble woman. Cate Blanchett looks more beautiful with age. Like the wine !! She...